Your Corporate Event Photography is not a Formality

As a corporate event planner (or someone that has the responsibility of planning an event, though it might not technically be your job title), you've a set of problems. You don't have stage lighting, for instance, and so you fix this by hiring a stage lighting company (hopefully a competent one). This fixes your problem and you then move onto the next one (maybe you need more sound, or lanyards, or chairs) until you've rifled through a thousand different issues and at all hours of the night painstakingly corrected each one.

But one clear and resounding point is that all of those problems can turn into a longer, as well as more lasting one, if you don't hire the right photographer to document what you've done. And this of course brings me to my next point.

Corporate event photography serves a couple of different purposes; but the primary one is to illustrate value. You want people to see how much time was spent on configuring the stage. You want people to witness how carefully crafted the end of day canapes were. You want people to see just how dynamic your keynote speaker was and how much authority he or she reverberated into the crowd. And this - I can help you with.

I am not someone that just owns an expensive camera and mills around photographing people because it's an afterthought to the day and something that all events require. I am not a compliance officer sitting in the corner - there because its deemed necessary. I'm there because I want to ensure that the money your company spent positioning itself as an authority in its industry is branded in the best possible way. The images created at your corporate event are your main tool in illustrating its value - whether it be for next years' attendance or to keep people talking about it for months thereafter. I know this, and it is important to me.

Trillion Dollar Brands


Trillion dollar brands have entrusted me with their imagery (there are only a few of them in the world, and they typically come here when looking for someone to build a narrative)

A Decade of Experience

I've been a full-time event photographer in NYC for ten+ years now. I've captured countless events and built innumerable stories. I blend art and technology in a way that my competitors do not and cannot do.


You will look your best

Each image that ends up in the final album goes through an automated and very natural retouch process. Skin tones get smoothed and lines reduced; not that they were there to begin with.

Your images are freaking awesome

All I really care about is delivering you the best images possible, and that shows