Jack White has Opened a Photo Studio

Bill Murray’s over in Greenpoint, slinging questionably made Old Fashioneds, while Jack White’s down in Tennessee, processing 35mm 110, 120, or 220 film photography rolls. The difference between the two is that Bill Murrays old fashioneds are probably just some whiskey thrown in a cup with a substance he hopes is sugar, but doesn’t really care if it’s not, because you’ll likely be so caught up with the fact that Bill I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I am with the idea of someone being that much cooler than myself. I was ok with Jack White being a legendary guitarist because we were part of two separate domains, but now that he’s encroaching into my own, I’m just sitting around questioning what my self worth and value really are. If the dude starts taking really good headshots I’ll likely have to leave the country.

More about it here at petapixel.