Corporate Event Photography

I feel like I’m a fairly decent Corporate Event Photographer, and the reason why, is because my photos aren’t more boring than what the internet would be if it was comprised of five computers, four of which were owned people whos hard drives are comprised almost entirely of their pet beagles.

First and foremost, the two lenses everyone aspires to in the world of corporate/commercial/random/anything photography are the:

1. 24-70 2.8
2. 70-200 2.8

And, while these lenses are in their own right each unmatched in terms of versatility, IQ, commanding-of-authority, and all around usability, I photographed an event today at the UN that reminded me of my undying preference of the primes and the below f2 they offer for shooting.

First and foremost, the 70-200 is what you should really aspire to. When I first started off in photography, I rented the 24-70 on a seemingly every-other-day basis. The reason being was that once I’d started using it, I became acclimated to it, established it as a baseline, and assumed that any event photography I did without it would suffer, people would feel bamboozled, and someone would throw me off a cliff because what they were getting was not what they’d hired me for.

In all seriousness, though, you can do nearly everything a 24-70 can with either a 35mm or 50mm prime, with the added benefit of an additional stop open to you. The 24-70 is decent for wide angle crowd shots, but other than that, it’s not super irreplaceable though.

The 70-200, on the other hand, is not replaceable by anything other than another 70-200. It has, most distinctly, two things going for it that no other lens can match. It has the advantage of shooting at 200mm on it’s side, allowing you to get super close up shots that’d be otherwise unavailable to you, should you choose to be a normal person and not stand within a finger’s distance of someone while they’re speaking, taking photos and hoping no one’s noticing you while you never get hired for any form of corporate event photography again.

Additionally, outside of the aforementioned 200mm clause I just pointed out, it has the compression that goes along with shooting at a super high focal length, with Bokeh that no other lens can really match.

— Part two of this is coming —-

Corporate Event Photographer NYC: Joe Jenkins Photography